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The benefits of Chiropractic care have also been shown to extend beyond just symptomatic relief. People of all ages under Chiropractic care report better health and well-being. Many families have realized the benefits of Chiropractic care for their children since nerve interference and spinal dysfunction can affect anyone. Talk to one of our Chiropractors Doctors today to best determine the appropriateness of care for you or your family.

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Wellness Care is a post-symptomatic care plan to preserve progress and overall health. Program designed to complement a healthy lifestyle, optimum activity levels, and a desire to achieve the best health possible. It requires active patient participation.  Reduce your healthcare costs by getting healthier!

Have you been diagnosed with a herniated disc? Anyone with pain caused by a damaged disc may be helped by this non-surgical, FDA approved treatment that is safe, effective, and affordable. This works by gradually decompressing the disc to allow the proper blood flow and nutrients to rehydrate the disc and aid in healing.

Diagnostic X-ray, CT, & MRI  assists us in quickly locating the underlying cause of your problem to determine how we can help.

Rehabilitation Exercise  have been proven to improve joint and muscle function, aid in balance, and help in preventing new injuries. Our Chiropractic therapy assistants have been trained in assisting and prescribing exercises to help you reach a new level of health.

Physical Modalities such as ultrasound, electric muscle stimulation, and traction that reduce pain and inflammation as well as promote and facilitate the healing process.


Selective Functional Movement Assessments (SFMA) is a series of 7 full-body movements designed to assess fundamental patterns of motion, in order to treat and correct musculoskeletal dysfunction. This system integrates the concepts of posture, muscle balance and fundamental movement patterns.

Titleist Performance Institute Evaluations for Golfers (TPI)  is a golf specific functional movement screening which utilizes 12 functional body movements in order to assess golf swing, fitness and physical limitations. Using the results of the 12 functional movements, the TPI Pro can develop an individualized program to help you achieve your goals.

Therapeutic Massage  improves health by minimizing effects of stress, provides increased circulation, relaxation, and enhanced flexibility.  Massage in conjunction with your chiropractic adjustment can also facilitate the correction of spinal misalignments especially for our arthritic patients.  Licensed massage therapists are on staff and available by appointment.  Although a session may be recommended by your doctor, no referral is necessary.   Lifestyle Modifications  educates our patients on certain activities they should adapt or avoid. We encourage patients to make smarter choices with activities of daily living so that they do not aggravate their health conditions. Our goal is to help every patient achieve a happy balanced lifestyle full of the activities they enjoy most!

Our Doctors are trained to suggest specific dietary changes for weight loss, diabetes, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and general support for healthy living and performance enhancement.

Community Health and Safety Talks is a public service info we provide to area business owners and employees so  they can immediately decrease their risk of injury on the job and at home. This is our way of making the community workplaces safer and helping promote good overall health.  Benefits: Reduces employee sick days Reduces employee job related injuries Reduces employee health care costs Reduces employee turnover Increases employee productivity Increases employee morale Topics Covered: Posture Proper lifting Workstation ergonomics Proper sleeping positions Spinal health Simple exercises and stretches *Specific topics according to jobsite/workplace can be requested.

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