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This has totally changed my life!

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With sincere thanks to Dr. Joel,

After total knee replacement in 2006, I found myself in excruciating low back pain and unable to perform in my Physical Therapy sessions. One week after my initial surgery I called Durham Chiropractic Clinic hoping for even minimal relief of this pain to, at least, be able to tolerate my treatments. To my surprise, after the first session with Dr. Joel my low back pain had decreased enough that I was able to complete a treatment with less pain and tolerate one to two hours on the continuous passive motion machine. I continued to have weekly sessions with Dr. Joel and was able to endure one month of extensive out patient Physical Therapy for my knee and was well enough to return to work three weeks after my surgery.


This has totally changed my life and my energy level has almost doubled. Three years later, I continue to have monthly sessions with Dr. Joel, and I have never felt better. I appreciate the hard work that Dr. Joel and his fabulous staff provide daily to all those with pain. If you are one of those who has always been skeptical of this alternative healthcare, but you are in pain and on continual medication, please let Dr. Joel help to turn your life around and live healthier. Thank you Dr. Joel for everything you have done for me.


You’re the BEST!!!

Becki B,
Physical Therapy Assistant