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You all made me feel so welcome!

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aO’Siyo (Hello) Dr. Joel and Staff,

I just wanted to thank each and every one of you for the wonderful care you have been giving me since I started coming to your office. I had been contemplating Chiropratic care for several years. As you all know, I have my share of aches and pains, including, as I call them, ‘the rytises’ – Arthur, Osteo and Rheuma – along with some other medical problems, and I’m not one that blindly accepts recommendations, or takes prescription medication for my ailments. In the past I have been put on medications to ‘help me’ with these things which instead caused me to have some pretty serious side effects which then caused more prescriptions and/or tests for those side effects, becoming a vicious cycle and I finally said enough is enough!

My mother-in-law and brother-in-law are both patients at your clinic and speak very highly of you so I finally decided to take that first step and come in for a consultation. You all made me feel so welcome and were so friendly and personable from the very first minute I walked through your door. Dr. Joel, when you came in to speak with me and discuss my problems, I felt we ‘clicked’ immediately and I knew right then I was in good hands! You told me exactly what you planned on doing; that you not only would help me with my aches and pains by providing me with Chiropractic care, but guide me with exercise plans and diet. You further explained that this is not ‘just adjustments’ but would include me accepting the fact that I would have to become involved and change other things in my life – with your help – to enable me to feel better. I have been coming to see you for approximately a month now and I must say that I already feel better than I have in years! I look forward to each appointment; not only for my adjustments and other therapy, but also learning new things from you that I can do outside of your office to help me continue on my path to better health without prescription medication. I only wish I had taken that first step years ago!

Wado (Thank you)!

Dawn Winbush