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Thank you so much for the changes you have made in my life!

I had never considered seeing a chiropractor before, thinking my General Practitioner could address any health needs that came up. When I came to your clinic last month, my hip was in terrible pain. Both shoulders were aching and my back ached (all the time). After learning my history and through x-rays, you discovered something that well may have occurred when I was two. After we spoke, so many things finally made sense as I looked back over 50+ years of aches nd pains. We have a Wii Fit; you begin by standing on the board as it measures your BMI, weight, and determines your center of balance. My balance was always far to the left; you discovered my right side was shorter……now, because of my sessions with you my balance is spot on center! The Wii also does balance tests. The last time I took one of the tests my balance was 34% ~ last week it was 97%! I have more energy; I walk straighter, taller; I am virtually pain free for the first time in over 50 years! I would recommend your clinic to anyone! Your staff are always there with a smile and kind, caring words. Coming to see you that day was one of the best decisions I ever made! Thanks again.

Debbie Colgrove
Grace UMC