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With every visit I felt better, and the pain was less!

My name is Patricia (Pat), I am 65 years young. For too many years I have been in tremendous pain. I couldn’t walk, sit or even sleep. My life was nonexistent. I was so tired of not being able to do anything. I started to look around for help, when I found the Durham Chiropractic and Wellness Center and made an appointment to see the Doctor. I was really impressed with Dr. Marlee, my doctor, and the whole staff. They made me feel as if I had known them forever and Dr. Joel Durham was so nice. They all worked together to help me move and even sleep better. With every visit I felt better, the pain was less and my son says “he has his Mom back.” In fact he decided to take me to Florida on vacation for a week. So we drove 2,436 miles round trip and I made it fine, course we did stop several times so I could stretch and move around. We went to see the second tallest lighthouse in Florida.
It is 175 feet tall with 203 steps to the top and I WALKED to the top and even walked around to take pictures. After about an hour, I walked back down and around the many buildings surrounding the lighthouse. I was tired but not in so much pain that a good night’s sleep didn’t fix. I had a wonderful trip and I want to thank the Lord and Dr. Joel Durham, Dr. Marlee Lucius and the Fine staff at Durham Chiropractic and Wellness Center for all their support and a special Thanks to Dr. Marlee, for all her help in giving me back my life! I was in so much pain before I found Durham Chiropractic, I was almost to the point I didn’t care. I didn’t know pain could rob you of almost 10 years.

So once again I want to Thank Dr. Joel, Dr. Marlee and the staff at Durham Chiropractic and Wellness Center for Everything.