Posted on Nov 10, 2014 | 0 comments

“He is an excellent doctor!”

Why do I choose Dr. Joel Durham as our family chiropractor? Dr. Joel is very knowledgeable of his profession and keeps up to date by attending workshops, seminars, and classes. I feel that if he does not know the best procedure he will ask someone he trusts to be more knowing in that area.

Although he makes sure you do not have a long wait time during your visits he still plans enough time to counsel with you and answer any questions you may have. I never feel rushed when I am in his office and he encourages questions I may have. Whereas I have felt very rushed in other doctor offices and as if I am part of a revolving assembly line. He is very thorough during examinations and patient.

He also accommodates emergency situations without pushing scheduled patients behind. Twice last year I called the office early in the day because my son could not turn his head and they had me bring him right in, worked on him, and got me back to work within forty-five minutes. I have also called Dr. Joel after hours on several occasions because of injuries our sons have endured and he immediately brings them in to X-ray them. This has saved us a lot of time and money by not going to the emergency room. I never feel he is out to ‘make a buck’ and schedule unnecessary procedures or tests.

I have and will continue to recommend him to friends, family, and strangers. He is an excellent doctor and very personable. I have found these two things hard to find in one doctor.
Robbi Ashbaugh, Northside HS Educator