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Three months later, the constant pain had gone away…

15 years ago, I mentioned to my GP that I occasionally had a shooting pain in my right leg. I assumed I was just paying pentance for tweny-five years of racquetball and dirt bikes.¬†Time moves on, my racquetball game starts to suffer due to the discomfort in my hip. I started to have problems at night sleeping on my right side and I could not walk more than a mile or so without limping. My GP stills says there is nothing wrong. At my insistence, I go through physical therapy with little success. My brother-in-law convinces me to setup an appointment with Dr. Joel Durham. After a 20 minute consultation and a couple of X-rays Dr. Joel diagnosed the problem. I agreed to a 2 week trial treatment to see if we could see progress. Three months later, the constant pain had gone away and I began to walk without a limp. Six months later, I’m starting to play racquetball. Last summer, I started walking 2-4 miles again with out pain. In the fall my racquetball game started to improve. January 2011, I’m playing competitively with the much younger players in my local racquetball league. February 2011, I won second place in the 60+ Tennessee State Singles Racquetball Tournament. Dr. Joel Durham’s role in my recovery was paramount. His continued manipulation and encouragement allowed me to go from walking with a limp to regaining my competitive edge in my favorite sport. Yes, at age sixty I have arthritis in my right hip, but with some medication and continued therapy, I am highly competitive.
Thank you Dr. Durham!

Ron Harris