Auto Accident Injury FAQ

Frequently Asked Auto Accident Injury Questions at Durham Chiropractic

Even a slight auto accident can have major effects on your health. If you've been in a car crash and you're worried that you've sustained an auto accident injury, you may have lots of questions about what's happened to you and what you can do about it. Here are the answers to some frequently asked auto accident injury questions at Durham Chiropractic in Jackson, TN.

Auto Accident Injury Questions

How Fast Do I Have to Be Going to Experience an Auto Accident Injury?

You can sustain serious damage to your body even if your car was stopped at the time of the crash. Vehicles are so massive that they transfer a lot of momentum force to objects/people within them as they come to a sudden stop, or are impacted.

What Is Whiplash?

Whiplash is an injury syndrome that afflicts the neck tissues and cervical spine. If your head is thrown backward and forward while your body remains stationary, the stress on the neck can tear muscles, pinch nerves, herniate discs, and even dislocate your cervical vertebrae.

How Did My Auto Accident Damage My Upper Back?

Even if your upper body is restrained by a three-point harness, you may still twist violently from side to side in an impact. This twisting motion can cause spinal and rib dysfunction as well as soft tissue strain.

I Have Both Low Back Pain and Leg Pain. Are These Symptoms Related?

Low back pain combined with leg pain can both be related to a herniated disc or dislodged lumbar vertebra. An auto accident can bump these structures out of position, pinching the sciatic nerve roots. If this happens, you may then experience low back pain, leg pain, and other odd leg symptoms.

What if I'm Not Experiencing Any Injury Symptoms at All?

You may be injured even if you aren't experiencing any symptoms right away. If the shock has delayed the onset of your symptoms, and you don't get yourself evaluated, you may continue to do damage to your body, or your body may heal improperly, causing problems which will continue later in life.

How Can You Treat My Auto Accident Injury?

Our chiropractors X-ray your spine and analyze your symptoms (if any) to determine the right course of all-natural treatment for your needs. Treatment strategies may include chiropractic adjustment, spinal decompression therapy, physical modalities to ease pain and promote healing, and rehabilitative exercises to restore your flexibility and strength.

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Don't let an auto accident injury confuse or frustrate you. Call Durham Chiropractic, your source for auto accident injury care in the Jackson, TN area (731) 664-2929!

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