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Discover Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression in Jackson TN at Durham Chiropractic Clinic

Dr. Joel Durham and the rest of our chiropractic care team here in Madison County find great joy in bringing advanced, non-invasive, and "whole person" techniques to the people of our greater Jackson community. We're on a mission to help people achieve the highest possible level of wellness and health, and we do that through customized, comprehensive, and completely natural care.

One of the most effective tools in our arsenal is non-surgical spinal decompression.

spinal decompression treatment

What is Spinal Decompression?

As the name implies, non-surgical spinal decompression aims to "decompress" parts of the spine in order to promote healing. This is done through the use of a motorized table and harness that gently distracts the spine, pulling on the upper and lower back to impose a nice and effective traction force. 

Most spinal decompression sections also involve gentle oscillations or intermittent traction toward the end range of motion. Together, these forces facilitate a wide variety of biological healing effects (increased blood flow, reduced inflammation, reduced pain, etc.) which can be used as part of a comprehensive plan of care for many different conditions. 

Benefits of Spinal Decompression and Conditions It Can Treat

Traction force from a spinal decompression table creates negative pressure in and around spinal discs. This helps discs retract back into their normal alignment and attract healing fluids to the discs....very helpful since discs naturally have limited blood and nerve supply—which means they often need some extra help if trying to heal!

The spinal decompression we offer at our clinic in Jackson, TN is especially effective for conditions involving injured discs—specifically disc herniation and disc bulge. Related issues, such as joint misalignments and limb pain or numbness related to spinal nerve root compression, can also improve thanks to a few decompression sessions.

Most people feel relief from their pain and symptoms within 1 to 2 sessions. Additional services—including physical exercises to improve stability in the core, posture/ergonomic training to help people learn how to maintain better body mechanics in the day to day life, and chiropractic adjustments to stimulate natural pain-relief—can enhance the beneficial effects of spinal decompression. 

Before any decompression treatment, we'll thoroughly review your history and go over the procedure so you'll know what to expect and feel confident that it's right for you!

Interested in Spinal Decompression for Your Pain? Connect with a Chiropractor in Jackson TN Today

Spinal decompression along with our many other natural care services could be exactly what you've been looking for to rid yourself of your pain. Call Durham Chiropractic Clinic now at (731) 664-2929 to schedule your appointment with Dr. Joel!

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