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It is very important to realize on the front end that chiropractic adjustments are a closely scheduled series of treatments that build upon each other to correct structural alignment and improve your body’s physical function. You will begin break bad biomechanical patterns and change your spine to a healthier position, improving range of motion, as well as nerve and blood flow in your body. Follow your personalized schedule for optimum results, so we can break some of the bad positional patterns. We’ll begin to reduce the frequency of treatments as improvement and stability is noted. You wouldn’t remove braces from your teeth before the prescribed length of time and expect optimum results, so understand why you shouldn’t stop your treatments just because you begin feeling better. Your body has to adapt, and this takes time.

How much time depends on the severity of the problem, other complicating health factors, self care stretching, exercise compliance, nutrition, stress, etc. Basically how disciplined you are willing to be in following your overall treatment plan. After all, we can’t help you if you don’t participate. We are the mechanic, but it’s your car.

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