Certified Sports Chiropractor

Certified Chiropractic Sports Physicians (designated CCSP) has completed a minimum of 100 hours post doctoral educational studies in specialized sports medicine topics and must pass a Board examination administered by the American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians. The sports chiropractor is then required to remain abreast of the latest research and treatment innovations continuing education and field experience or lose their certification.

The best in Chiropractic healthcare for people of all activity levels: high caliber athletes, recreational athletes, or those seeking just to feel great engaging in daily activities. Get back in the game fast no matter what your game might be.

A Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician…

  1. possesses specialized knowledge of sports injuries and physical fitness.
  2. is an expert in the function of the body during movement.
  3. can help optimize performance enhancement by applying advanced understanding of musculoskeletal function and athletic training.
  4. provides care that extends beyond spinal adjustment to muscle, joint, and connective tissue treatments.
  5. focuses on total body wellness and optimal functioning vs just reducing pain.
  6. is immersed in latest sports medicine research, trends, and treatment techniques.
  7. integrates with other healthcare practitioners to optimize your medical care.
  8. is passionate proponents of physical fitness and skilled sports medicine practitioners.
  9. will help you achieve your peak performance with knowledge found only with CCSP training.
  10. helps you recover faster from injury and get you back to playing sooner.
  11. offers guidance for athletic training and sports nutrition.
  12. possesses sports-specific treatment and preventative exercise.
  13. can share knowledge to integrate treatment with training.
  14. makes up the top tier of the chiropractic profession.

    Joel, the certified sports chiropractor I saw,” taught me simple exercises to strengthen my back and prevent recurrences of pain.” – Jeremy Stack, Union University Baseball Pitcher

    “My certified sports chiropractor has been a major contributor to my athletic success, biomechanic improvement, and mental stability.” – Justin Byron, Track, 200 meters, Two-time NCAA All-American

    “I would never have come back from my injuries as fast” without the help of my certified sports chiropractor. – Joe DePastino, Professional Baseball Player

    After treatment by my certified sports chiropractor, I was playing entire games when I couldn’t even imagine jogging before treatment. I feel more aware of my body now. - Ricardo Villar, Professional Soccer Player and Two-time NCAA All-American

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