Types of Migraines

Migraine Pain Relief

It is estimated that about 38 million Americans suffer from migraine pain each year. At Durham Chiropractic Clinic in Jackson TN, we strive to help educate our patients on how they can control their migraine pain through all-natural and drug-free methods. Pinpointing the type of migraine you have is an important step in developing a treatment plan that will work for you.

Types of Migraines

Migraine with Aura: This type of migraine is often accompanied by sensory symptoms such as vision problems, hearing problems, and speech problems. Individuals report seeing spots, black lines and having trouble speaking and seeing.

Migraine without Aura: This type of migraine is not accompanied by sensory symptoms.

Cluster Headaches: This type of migraine covers a large part of the head, and can also affect the eyes, vision and even cause a runny nose. This is considered the most painful type of migraine.

Retinal Migraine: This is a migraine headache accompanied with loss of vision in one or both eyes.

Ice Pick Headache: These are short-lived headaches, which feel as if someone is stabbing you with an icepick. These headaches last 5-30 seconds.

Can A Chiropractor Help Migraines?

If you are suffering from migraines, the chiropractic team at Durham Chiropractic Clinic wants to help you. Chiropractic care has been found to be effective in dealing with migraines because when the spine is not aligned properly, it will affect the nerves leading up into the brain. Realignment can help these nerves to function properly, and thereby reduce the frequency of migraine pain.

What Else Can Help?

Some people have also found that a treatment option such as massage therapy is also effective in dealing with migraine pain. Because stress can intensify migraines, or cause them to happen more frequently, massage therapy is a useful tool in the fight against migraine pain.

Some patients have also found that certain lifestyle changes can decrease the frequency of migraines. Regular exercise, eating a healthy diet and losing weight can all help to reduce the pain or frequency of migraines.

Migraine Relief in Jackson

If you would like to learn more about migraines and how a chiropractor can help you in Jackson, Madison county, West TN, please contact our friendly staff at Durham Chiropractic Clinic. Call us today at (731) 664-2929 for the migraine relief that you deserve.


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